Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the funding?

To be eligible for funding, the applicants must be located within IEC24 participating regions.  Funding and eligibility rules apply according to the regional funding programme of the applicant’s regions.  

All entities which are eligible according to the regulations of their regional funding programme can apply for funding. Innovation Express 2024 targets SMEs, research organizations, technology providers, large companies, universities, research centres, etc. 

Does my company have to be located in one of the participating regions?

Eligible applicants are located within a geographical area where an Innovation Express 2024 funding partner is present.   

Which benefits does the IEC24 have compared to my regional funding programme?

The big benefit for you is, that you gain extra-regional know-how for your project which you might locally miss. In collaboration with partner(s) from abroad you enter new markets and networks. You can choose one from another region that might be specialized in your anticipated field and is placed closer – even across the border – than another regional one. 

In which language do I have to write the application?

There are two parts that must be handed in by the applicants:  
1) IEC24 Joint Application Summary – this should generally be written in English. Since only German speaking regions participate the IEC24 the joint application summary can be written in German.  
2) Separate Regional Application – this should be written in your regional language (e.g. German) 

How long does the application process take?

The application process follows the process of your regional funding programme. You can get information about that from the coordination office or the contact of your regional funding programme.  

How many partners do I need to be able to apply?

Proposed activities must include the participation of at least 2 partners from 2 different partner regions. (The participation of even more partners is strongly recommended.) The composition of the project consortia has to correspond to the regulations of the regional funding programme you apply.  

Can I apply as a single company, do I need partners at all?

IEC24 supports collaborative projects with at least 2 different partners from 2 IEC24 partner regions.   A project with one single partner and without another partner from another region does not belong to the IEC24 supported projects (there is no need for IEC24 support). 

Will my partner and I get the same funding?

Not necessarily. As you each apply for different funding programmes, the programmes might have different regulations e.g. in case of funding rate and eligible expenses. For example, travel costs are included in the funding programme you are applying but they are not included in the programme of your collaborating partner organization.  

Do I have to have a partner from one of the participating regions?

Proposed activities must include the participation of at least 2 partners from 2 different partner or participating regions. IEC24 is a joint call for proposals implemented by synchronizing existing regional funding schemes in the Alpine Space and beyond. Potential interested funding partners shall contact the IEC24 Coordination Office. 

How do I find a partner for my project?

If you are still looking for a collaboration partner you can join a matchmaking event, contact the IEC24 Coordination Office or take look at the section “Regions” at this website for cluster information and contacts as well as business support agencies in the IEC24 participating regions. 

When should I contact the IEC24 Coordination Office?

It is recommended that you contact the coordination office as soon as you have an idea in mind or thinking about applying for the IEC24 in order to talk about your idea and see if it fits to the scope of the call. The coordination office can also support further development of your idea and arrange useful contacts e.g. for finding suitable partners.   

How can I reach the IEC24 Coordination Office?

The IEC24 Coordination Office is “virtual” office. It is operated in co-operation between Business Upper Austria and WFG Heilbronn within the INNOVIOVC project. You can contact Iris Reingruber at Business Upper Austria via mail: iris.reingruber@biz-up.at or telephone: +43 732 79810 5095. 

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